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What do we do here at The Cloud Storage and Security Company?


We are here to help you secure all your important data, offering the best-in-class Backup and Security systems.


Whether you are a large organisation, a small business, a sole trader or a home user, we can offer you the best I.T. solutions to ensure your data will always be backed up, free from viruses and malware.


But that is not all, as we can also offer you the latest Microsoft suite of programs, helping you push your productivity to its fullest.

Our Partners

About the Company

It all started with a nerdy geek who helped people with their IT. He made sure his clients had a seamless, effortless and worry-free experience. To those goals he always gave his best, but there was an aspect which he found difficult to manage and deal with… the terror that is admin & accounts.

One day came along a seasoned accountant who offered to help this geek. Between the two of them they understood too well the value in hassle-free computer usage. This is when they realised the possibilities of the service they could offer to both business and home users.

Together they formed a company which would come to be “The Cloud Storage and Security Company Ltd”. The geek would supply his knowledge and understanding of IT, computer systems and people’s usage habits. The accountant would bring in his understanding of numbers and business administration.

Our geek and accountant partnered with service providers that are the top in their fields not only in the products they offer, but also in the support they can pass down to the end-user in the unlikely event of any issues arising.

Those two expert’s visions came to fruition. The Cloud Storage and Security Company Ltd now offers an unparalleled level of service which enables the end users to have total peace of mind when going about their computer-related activities.

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